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~ Here's To Dad Every Day Of The Year ~
Fathers Day Is June 19th

Whether you are a father, have a father, are interested in your fathers health, or maybe you're just shopping for men's gifts. Here you'll find select, Excellent quality men's products and gifts for that special guy. (Especially if that man is you!) .

How about some music and literature ?

I can personally recommend Powell's Bookshaving spent many an hour perusing their isles and drinking with their employees.

An old and trusted Portland establishment.

Also the world's largest bookstore if I remember right.
They can price and ship with the best and they are a real bookstore staffed with real book people.

Health, fitness, and Mental Stimulation are the keys to living well and staying young & happy.
Here you'll find quality exercise & health care products geared towards those goals.

How about a Hobby?

There are any number of different directions for hobbyists. Home in the workshop or out in groups.
Passtimes to Passions.

Lets remember to add a little nightlife to stimulate and rejuvenate the senses. A few laughs, some warm friendly smiles.
A pleasant evening out can create a sense of well being that can last a long time.
City guides for dining out & entertainment can help shape a pleasant evening.
Dating Guides & Singles clubs may be a much appreciated gift and provide an introduction into a new area of fun & companionship

Travel giftscan be absolutely priceless!

Travel packages can be as grand and magnificent as an Alaskan cruise and as simple as a smile from you and the grandchildren as you step off the airplane.

- Dads live for visits from their families. -

Join Pop at that dream vacation and adventure he's longed for all of his and your life. Travel, Cruise Bargains, Family adventures.
These are Priceless gifts that will last the rest of his days.

Or maybe just a trip to the Great Outdoors?

Welcome To The Woods! Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Hunting, Climbing. Take a deep breath. It just doesn't get any better than this!

Quality brand name sports equipment.
Sporting goods come in all sizes and all prices for all athletes. Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Outdoors & Adventure, Swimming, Snorkeling, Golf. Nothing will get you outdoors, breathing hard, and working up an aerobic sweat faster than tossing a ball around.

Classy, thoughtful, unique and useful gifts.

Unique gifts for Dad that will impress & delight. Excellent Fathers Day gifts include; Health, Entertainment, Travel, Adventure. Find it all right here. We've put a comprehensive variety of quality goods & services at your quick and easy reach. Clothes & Accessories for Sports, Travel, Outdoors, Evenings. Tropical, Arctic, Underwater, Sporting Goods, Health & Fitness Equipment. Food and Wine, Good Coffee, Fine Teas, Chocolates, Music CDs, Literature such as Books, Magazine subscriptions or Ezines (electronic magazines) on Health, nutrition, or his favorite subjects. Sports, Travel & Adventure, Camping in the Great Outdoors, Sporting Goods & Health Equipment. A little something to suit everyone's tastes.

I'm not much at responding, but if you see something that needs covering or clarifying please let me know. I welcome your comments. Email To

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